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Lesson III: Redemption

Peyton Conner wants to work for Tomás Raya, but she doesn’t want to be one of his former play things. Even though she loathes the man’s whorish lifestyle, her need to learn the sugar industry surpasses her disdain. To ensure that he can’t say no, she devises a plan, by offering her services for free.

Tomás finds Peyton’s proposition to be his right-hand intriguing and agrees to hire her. But there is a catch; she has to pretend to be his girlfriend for one weekend, to prove to everyone that he’s capable of sustaining a relationship despite his bad boy ways. All goes well until Tomás realizes he doesn’t want to pretend anymore; he wants Peyton to be his. But knowing how she views him as a man, he must find a way to prove himself, or lose her forever.

Tomás Raya must find Redemption.


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