Friends & Enemies



Lesson I: Friends & Enemies

Friends & Enemies takes you on a wild ride through the murky territories of relationships, misplaced loyalties, and fatal attractions, all driven by perceived enemies and unexpected friends.

After her collision with a two hundred thousand dollar car, Tori Fontaine is afraid she will have to take on a second job to pay for the damages. Rowan Kincaid, the owner of the expensive sports car, knows the accident wasn’t Tori’s fault and plans to let her off the hook the moment she arrives in his office—after demanding that she meet with him. But before he is able to release Tori from the debt, Rowan’s lecherous business partner, Liston St. John, offers to cover the debt, in hopes to lure Tori into his bed—or so it seems. While Rowan doesn’t want Tori to fall prey to Liston’s predatory charms, he is reluctant to get involved—until he finds his unexpected attraction to Tori is too strong to ignore.


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