Sienna’s Secret

Sienna Mendez thought she knew all there was to know about her deceased mother, until Pilar’s attorney shows up on her doorstep claiming otherwise.  Not only has Sienna learned that her mother has built an empire of five star resorts in Jamaica, but had purposely kept it from her. When she arrives at the flagship resort, Sienna’s Secret, to claim her inheritance, she finds that Pilar’s secrets are more than meets the eye.

International attorney Matthias Bennett is sent to Jamaica to handle Sienna’s estate. It is supposed to be a simple and quick property transfer. But to his surprise, there is a lot more going on at the Mendez’s resorts, besides sand, fun and surf. After encountering some shady dealings, he and Sienna are soon caught up in a charade that leads them to heated nights—and the biggest secret of them all!

Follow Sienna and Matthias into a world of deception, blackmail and love in Sienna’s Secret.

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