Give Me More Than Words

Justin Graham thought he could stomach the life that his wealthy, self-centered wife had created for him, until he realized he was living it inside of a scotch bottle. Having had enough of the lie and Anastasia’s controlling ways, he packed up his bags and moved out. Finally free from the drama, Justin braced himself for the fallout; fallout he thought he could handle—until the first murder attempt.

Alfra-Jean Wilson has found the man of her dreams, handsome and wealthy Evan Bennett. Her life was going her way until her ex-husband shows up on her doorstep looking for a second chance. After rebuffing Julian’s tainted plea to get back together, Jean and Evan soon put him out of their mind, until a series of “accidents” make her soon to be husband question her safety.

Dani Sinclair thought she was happy with her boyfriend Devin Powers until he asked her to marry him. Hiding a horrific secret, she turns him down and flees to Canada via train to clear her head, only to meet a man who she could give more than words.

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