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Payne before Pleasure

Book #3 in the Metro City Series

Dr. Jon Payne’s value just rose considerably at Metro Regional Hospital. One of his colleagues landed herself in a mental institution, after trying to stab him to death in the middle of performing surgery. If someone as sophisticated and renowned as Dr. Lara Guyton could lose her mind after sleeping with Dr. Payne, the other females on staff were lined up to discover why.

But after his brush with death, Jon swore off using the hospital as a dating pool and sought comfort elsewhere.  After meeting Metro City’s newest prosecuting attorney, Jess Ashford, he thought his woes were over. Little did he know; his troubles were just beginning.

See how Dr. Payne learns the new rules of the single’s game in Payne before Pleasure.


A Queen's Choice  buy

A Queen’s Choice

Book #4 in the Metro City Series

Introduced as the out-of-control hoochie mama, in Penciled In, Queen Ella Willis has turned her personality on its head. Even after escaping a life of uncertainty and abuse, Queen could never imagine finding someone who would truly want her. But along with the change of attitude and change of lifestyle, she now has two very persistent and very eligible millionaires pursuing her.

Syon Bennett, Metro City’s newest resident and property mogul, saw nothing beyond his building projects, until his take no prisoners’ approach collided with Queen Ella Willis. But, he has competition. Landon Payne, fresh from escaping scandal by the skin of his teeth, in Payne before Pleasure, wants her anywhere that isn’t near Syon.  But unknown to Landon or Syon, there is a more sinister element surrounding them all.

With all the drama and animosity between the two men, who will be A Queen’s Choice?


Other Books in the Series


Duplicity_Metro City2_kindle buy


Book #1 in the Metro City Novels

As Metro City braces itself for its third round with corrupt mayor Craven Wallace, investigator Kobe West joins forces with KT Ellis to stop the suspected election fraud in its tracks. But while the pair investigates the players involved in the mayor’s ‘re-election strategy’, they stumble upon much more than voter machine rigging. Among other things, Metro City has a serial killer.

Follow Kobe, introduced in Sienna’s Secret, and KT, introduced in Give Me More Than Words, into a world of Corruption, Murder and Deceit.



Penciled In  buy

Penciled In

Book #2 in the Metro City Series

Garrett Pleasant, Metro City’s Assistant D. A., plans to leave his office to become a full time novelist. But if his newest defendant, Jason Unger, has his way, Garrett won’t live to finish his first book. Jason vows to make Garrett pay for pressing for the maximum sentence, after he attempted to murder his wife and child. He tried burning his family to death, because his wife didn’t cook the potatoes the way he liked.

Will Garrett become a #1 bestseller or will Jason succeed in carrying out his threat of revenge?

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