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    Over the past few days, I’ve watched and read the many comments concerning the right (or not) to stand for the national anthem. I found it quite interesting that those who think Colin Kaepernick is out of order, because he decided not to stand are the same people who would be screaming bloody murder if their rights to free speech or expression were questioned, trampled on or taken away. Why is it alright for only some to exercise their constitutional rights without such vile and unmitigated backlash? Not to mention that very same constitution that gave you those rights said we as people of color aren’t even considered human and in some minds today still not considered human. This fact in itself kind of makes his point, as does all the scathing comments hurled at him by (I’m sure) some who uphold themselves as ‘Christian’ people.

    A few questions: Why are your views considered more important than those of people of color. Why are we talked down to or told in so many words that we are out of ‘our place’ when we speak up for ourselves about injustices that you deem unimportant, because they don’t happen to you? Why is your opinion more worthy of consideration and ours dismissed so easily, even before we can finish a sentence? Maybe it is because you really don’t see people of color as good as you are or as human? It sure feels that way when I am told my opinion, views or grievances don’t count. When I hear someone not of color ‘reprimanding’ a person of color for their views, I hear: ‘I don’t consider you American or human for that matter, therefore your opinion is null and void, so you need to stop talking and get back in your place’. And I’m pretty sure I am not alone in this.

    Then there are those of you who go to great lengths to try and point out that everything is fair and equal whenever people of color complain; minimizing problems or dismissing them altogether. Or you may ‘suggest’ it is not the appropriate time to bring up any grievances. If everything that we complain about is all in our heads and everything is truly fair and equal, you shouldn’t have a problem trading places with any of us. If there is complete fairness all around, then lives could be interchangeable without color being a factor.  But if the mere thought of such a swap makes you cringe, then YOU KNOW there is a problem and are lying to yourselves and the ones you try to so unsuccessfully convince otherwise.
    And don’t get me wrong, I love this country. I love this country even though there are many times I feel it doesn’t love me. But I want all of us to feel included regardless of color, views, background, etc., without a side of hatred.

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